The Best Movie Tie-In Games

It seems fair to say that a great movie can become a terrible game. Often regarded as a cash grabbing concept; game publishers basing a title around a movie far too often leave players disappointed. The big blockbuster movies which attract vast sales are regarded as an instant seller if they reach gamers, yet little thought is generally put into the game itself. However, on rare occasions, some movie tie-in games have delivered the ultimate experience. This article takes a look over some of the finer examples, all of which will probably take you back in time to your childhood. Let’s begin.



Certainly one of my Bond film favourites, it ticked every box, making it one of the best movies to release within the franchise. Yet, it’s perhaps the video game release that reached the Nintendo 64 in 1997 that is the most memorable. The combination of cutting edge graphics (of its time), gameplay, and theme music, is what made this one of the best movie tie-ins of all time. Interestingly, GoldenEye 007 sold over 8-million copies, making it the 3rd bestselling game on the Nintendo 64.   As for the movie, which released earlier in 1995, sales peaked at over $100 million. Of course, the graphics in our modern world feel rather retro, yet it has set the standard for this type of genre which is still to be surpassed today.



One of Disney’s many icons – Aladdin took the early 1990s movie scene by storm, proving a magical journey for children and adults alike. With the movie releasing in 1992, the video game quickly followed a year later in 1993, releasing on the Sega Genesis / MegaDrive, shortly followed by the Amiga, MS-DOS, NES, Game Boy and Game Boy Color. For me, it feels like yesterday playing on the SEGA MegaDrive with this great title. I remember the colourful graphics, addictive gameplay and the increasing difficulty – With gameplay featuring a variety of levels, where you’d encounter enemies, and get to travel on magic carpets, I never managed to complete the game, yes, the last level is ridiculously hard. Aladdin has all of the necessary components that help to make a great movie-based game.

Toy Story


The beginning of a fantastic franchise, which began back in 1995. Toy Story has since increased in popularity, with Toy Story 3 currently ranked as the best-selling Disney film. I should quickly mention that Toy Story 4 is also expected to release in 2018. With that out of the way, Toy Story was a marvel that told a story of a child and his toys, which came to life, providing an emotional storyline that any child would grasp and follow. With the movie leaving you wanting more, it was the video game, simply named Toy Story, that entertained a great way to re-engage with the film, allowing you to get ever closer to the characters and toys. Buzz Lightyear to the rescue was a phase that never got old. The game franchise has since expanded, but it’s the original which set the foundations.

There you have it, three great movie tie-in games – yes, there really are some decent titles within this specific genre. With that said, maybe we’ll see some quality releases hit the latest consoles soon. If you’re in the mood for these types of games, then why not head over and play movie games on Poki? – A sure cure for boredom. Feel free to leave your favourites within the comments further down this page.

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