Exploring Some of The World’s Most Stunning National Parks Of All Times

A national park can be considered as one of the greatest tourist attractions. People come from all across the world to visit and get the stunning show of origin, scenery and regeneration. It is such a place where people enjoy the fascinating scenery in the lap of nature. There are various national parks in a country. The major aim of every national park is to form a safe haven for the wildlife. It also prevents the extinction of a majority of animals. Unlike a zoo, a national park allows the animals to be completely free on there own.This article explored some of the best national parks of the world.

Ignite your passion for traveling by visiting some of the most interesting national parks of all times. It can enhance the pleasure of your mind by giving you a break from your everyday chores. Moreover, it makes you completely rest in the lap of nature for a couple of days. By going to a national park, you can observe different phenomena of nature from a close proximity. This can enhance the feeling of your creativity as well as it fills the vacant mind of yours with some beautiful and unforgettable memories. Here, we show you a glimpse of a few covetous national parks of the world.

Serengeti National Park

Several music composers had composed their music by drawing inspiration from the Serengeti National Park. Such is the ambience in this national park. Within the boundaries of this park, you can hear the cries of diverse animals. You can hear the cackle of hyenas along with the trumpets of wild elephant. You can even observe hippos splash in the water while taking a leisurely bath. You can also have a view of more than 2000 lions waiting for their prey on the golden grass. You can even have a look of the long-necked giraffes, and you can hear the chatter of monkeys. All these will adjust to the wonderful experience.


Grand Canyon National Park

This national park has a length of 277 miles with a depth of 18 miles on all the sides. This is an exceptional wonder of nature because of its wide chasm in the northern Arizona. This national park has expanded all along on the banks of river Colorado, and it has attracted millions of tourists since then. The travelers all across the world come here to take a glimpse of its orange and red hue. It is considered as a world heritage site by the United Nations. However, if you want an escape from the mundane world in the lap of nature, you should be prepared a bit because it is generally crowded.

Grand Canyon National Park

Galapagos Islands

The presence of wild landscape and invincible creatures make the solitary isle as one of the chief destinations of a perfect encounter with the wild. The island consists of sea lions and seagoing lizards for luring your vision. Coupled with that, you can notice giant Galapagos tortoises moving in the grass. You can also observe the waddling of small penguins along with the mating ritual of blue footed boobies. This is a place, which was visited by Charles Darwin, and it acted as an inspiration for many travelers to follow his footsteps.

Galapagos Islands Ecuador

Great Smoky Mountains

As the name suggests, the national park is completely obscured by the clouds in the midst of a beautiful valley. The great smoky mountains can be considered as the busiest national park as it draws forth more than nine million visitors in a particular year. It is double the number of any other visitors in any other national parks. This national park is mainly located in Tennessee in North Carolina. This park can be considered as the best example of deciduous forest with wild plants and animals of peerless diversity.  The national park is more or less foggy, and it gives a chimerical appearance to the entire park.

Great Smoky Mountains

Yosemite National Park

This national park has an unsurpassed natural spectacle to start with. It is the presence of 317-feet tall Vernal waterfall. Moreover, the park consists of wonderfully deep valleys and a wide range of animal species in their own habitat. This is considered as the third most visited national park according to the statistics of the United Nations. It is also considered as a heritage site of the United Nations. You can truly get some amazing spectacle of nature if you visit this national park.

Yosemite National Park

Yellowstone National Park

This national park is mainly known for its presence of hot springs. Even the fight of two animals becomes hazy with the fogs originating from the hot springs. Such is the ravishing beauty of this place. This park also consists of animals like sheep, grizzly bears, elk, bighorn and other fauna of the Rocky mountains. The best attraction of this national park is based on its hot springs and geysers. You cannot find the presence of such abundant hot springs in any national park on earth. This national park also comes with a perfect blend of flora and fauna, which beautifies the place to the best possible extent.

Yellowstone National Park

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