Get Back to Work Quickly and Make Your Back Pain a Distant Memory

Chronic back pain can make you miss a lot of important moments in life. It can force you to stay home from important performances, parties, or ceremonies due to your inability to sit in the chairs or your inability to stand for long periods of time; it can cause you to miss countless days of work, potentially affecting your livelihood. Chronic back pain can cause your overall quality of life to decrease dramatically and can even affect your personality, making you crankier than usual because you’re in pain. It’s time to put an end to the pain and suffering; through this article, we’ll explain your treatment options, compare them, and help you settle on the perfect treatment for you.

Pain medications

The first and most used treatment of chronic back pain is either preventative muscle relaxers and daily medications or as-needed pain relievers of varying dosages and intensities. This form of treatment is used to treat the symptoms of chronic back pain when the source isn’t known to be removed or fixed. This option isn’t ideal, as most of the medications used to minimize or dull the pain cause some level of inebriation in the patient. It also isn’t as effective as solving the problem, as this merely makes the symptoms more tolerable.

Invasive spinal surgeries

There are some rather intense spinal surgeries available that can help the chronic back pain when the source of said pain is known. However, these surgeries are highly invasive, limit mobility due to necessary screws and rods for spinal fusions, and require a lengthy recovery time, keeping you out of work for even longer. This surgery, though the only option for some, can be quite the commitment without a guarantee. There are a lot of risks involved in such a surgical undertaking and the road to recovery afterwards is not an easy one.

Endoscopic spinal surgeries

There’s a new, alternative surgery being offered that is much less invasive, entirely safe, and requires less recovery time and a higher rate of success. Endoscopic spine surgeries are done using micro incisions and endoscopes, ensuring precision and accuracy with minimal invasion. Most patients that receive these surgeries report almost immediate relief from the chronic pain and suffering they have put up with for so long. There are four different types of endoscopic spine surgeries that are designed to treat specific conditions and symptoms. None of these procedures takes more than an hour to complete and they all boast a recovery time of only a few hours.

Accessing more information

If you would like more information on these surgical procedures, there are many companies that offer more information online, like – or you could ask your regular doctor or chiropractor. If you are unsure of your status for candidacy for endoscopic spinal surgeries, you should consult with your doctor or chiropractor who will then either refer you to a surgeon, trained to handle this type of procedure or not. There is quite a bit of information readily available online about these procedures, as well, should you just want more of a background understanding of what to expect from a procedure like this.

If chronic back pain has hindered you from enjoying your life or cause you to lose money because you can’t go to work, it’s time to make a change. While medication can help to minimize the symptoms, they don’t resolve the problem. Some highly invasive surgeries have marginally high success rates, but require pain, risky procedures, and the road to recovery is long and troublesome. Endoscopic spinal surgeries offer a safer and less invasive option for those that suffer from chronic back pain. This treatment solves the problem of your chronic back pain once and for all while causing minimal suffering and offering a short recovery time. You’ll be back to work, feeling better than ever before in no time, leaving your chronic pain as a distant memory.

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