Getting Planning Permission for a Temporary Building

If you are planning to build a temporary warehouse, classroom, or any other prefabricated structure, you will need to check whether planning permission is needed. The permissions vary between each country. If you are not sure about them, then it is important to work closely with reputable experts since they know all about it.

Failure to comply with the set procedures means potential trouble with the authorities. This can be reported by your neighbor, or the grounds official may become suspicious and investigate. Instead of taking the risk, we have prepared a simple procedure of handling this matter.

Prepare Your Plans Well

Planning permissions for temporary structures are determined by a few factors:

  •       The duration of the project – Some temporary structures are constructed to serve for a short period while others server for a long time. In some countries, entrepreneurs do not need any planning permissions if their temporary structures are only used for a few days like at a trade fair. However, those that are used indefinitely will be assessed and given planning permissions, or denied in some cases.
  •       How big the project is – Although both small and large temporary structures do need planning permissions, the procedures and type of permits issued for both may differ. One has to be sure of the type of planning permission request they are looking for.

Engage Temporary Structure Professionals

If you are not sure about which direction to take, you should engage experts now. Most of them are aware of these requirements and have already helped many clients to qualify for planning permission. The Smart Space experts in the UK have helped many clients succeed in getting planning permission for their temporary structures. The professionals will design plans that will pass this step while still incorporating all your needs.

Apart from all of these, the experts can offer advice on many other things regarding a temporary structure project. Therefore, the end product will not only be compliant but also safe for use and durable.

Make the Requested Amendments

In rare cases, the authorities will ask for amendments if your plans do not meet certain set standards and criteria. The best way to handle this is to get things right. Simply make the needed amendments before making another application. Failure to do this may bring more trouble to your project or cause a cancellation of the entire project.

The authorities will definitely give their reasons for the rejection that you may have ignored for some reason. Safety and environmental issues are usually their primary concerns. But those who have already considered these issues through the help of the experts do not face any challenges.


Getting planning permission for a temporary building is a crucial step. In fact, some contractors will not agree to start the work before this is acquired as it may taint their reputation. But as you can see, the process is straightforward when the right procedures are followed. So, if you are planning to construct your first temporary building for a business or institution, you now know what to do.

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