The History of Roblox

Roblox first hit the gaming scene way back in 2006 but it’s still going strong. In fact, Roblox is today more popular than ever before. Millions of players from all age groups, play Roblox all around the world. It is giving head-on competition to Minecraft for the top spot in the massively online multiplayer gaming category. What makes Roblox unique is that it’s not just a game, it also a game creation platform. This unique aspect of Roblox has made a hit amongst the kids as it allows them to explore their creativity. In this article, we will take a look at the history of Roblox. How it all started and how it became one of the most popular games of this generation.

Humble Beginnings:

David Baszucki was the founder of Roblox. But this was not his first project. He first worked on a computer-based physics platform. It was a highly successful venture as he sold the company for 20 million dollars. His platform allowed users to use real-world physics in a simulated environment. When he saw kids doing amazing and fun stuff on his program, he got the inspiration for Roblox. David started working on his idea in 2004 and in 2005 the version of Roblox was made available for beta testing. An interesting fact to note here is that Roblox was called DynaBlocks during its initial testing phase. In 2006 it came out of beta and was renamed as Roblox. The reason stated was that DynaBlocks was a bit hard to remember. Considering the huge success that Roblox today enjoys, it can only be considered as a great marketing decision.

Game Currency:

Today we know that the official currency of Roblox is known as Robux. You can even exchange Robux for real cash. The fact that you can monetize your gameplay also helped Roblox in achieving huge popularity. In the initial phase, the official currency of Roblox was known as Roblox points. These points were earned by players when they logged into the game daily or whenever they played a mini-game. Later during the update phase, it was renamed to Robux.

COPPA Compliance:

Parents are often very concerned when it comes to exposing their kids to video games. Their concerns increase exponentially when it comes to allowing their kids to play online multiplayer games. Developers at Roblox understood this concern and made sure that the game gets COPPA compliance certification. This happened in 2007. What it essentially means is that kids below the age of thirteen years can interact with other players only through predefined messages that can be selected from a menu. This limited the scope of interaction. The safe chat feature was a necessary feature that had to be integrated to make the game COPPA compliant. Considering the fact that Roblox enjoys even greater popularity amongst the kids than Minecraft, this feature came in handy.

First Roblox Convention:

The first Roblox convention, known as the Roblox rally was held back in 2011 in San Fransisco. The purpose of this convention was to have a dialogue with the players. Thousands of players from all over the world, from all age groups, attended the convention. Players got a chance to ask them questions directly from the Roblox developers. This allowed the developers to gain perspective and know what the players are looking for. It was at this convention where the Roblox terrain was first discussed.

Developer Exchange Program:

One of the features that make Roblox unique is that you can monetize your creation. What it essentially means is that you can sell your creation and earn Roblox currency in the game. Such features are also present in some other games where you can earn the game currency and then use that currency to purchase other items within the game. What made Roblox so unique was the fact Roblox allowed the players to exchange the Roblox currency for real-world currency. This monetization encouraged the players to be more creative as now they were able to make a living out of Roblox. This feature which is now known as the Developer Exchange Program was first introduced in 2013.

Roblox Developers Conference

The first Roblox developer conference was held in 2015 in San Fransico. The same year two more developer conferences were held in Atlanta and Europe. The idea behind conduction developer conferences regularly is to enable the developers to share new and creative ideas to keep the game fresh and evolving. Over time these conferences have acquired a more informal nature. Nowadays, Roblox Developers conference not only involves brainstorming sessions and technical discussion sessions, but also gaming tournaments and development challenge tournaments where developers team up and compete to develop a mini Roblox game from scratch in a limited time frame.

Game Compatibility across different platforms:

Initially, the game was playable only on Windows and Mac platforms. But as of today, you can play Roblox on any major platform including Nintendo, Xbox and Play Station. These days third party service providers such as grabfreerobux.com also make sure that their services are available across all major gaming platforms. Today the Roblox community is so large and strong that you can find the solution to any of the issues in seconds. So no matter what platform you choose, be assured that you are not alone and most of the issues that arise due to cross-platform problems can be fixed easily.

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