Tips to Find the Right Man and Van Services 

There are several companies in Cheltenham claiming to offer man and van services. While it’s easy to find and hire a man with a van, it’s a challenge to find reliable man and van services. There is a need to research and consider several factors to find the right service to hire. Here are tips you can think about to find the ideal man to move your items with a van.


The easiest way to find a man with a van is to hire one online. However, it is worth noting that several fake sites are aimed at exploiting potential clients. Before you hire a man with a van, make sure that you are dealing with a legit service provider like First, check on the location of the company. Does the company have a physical address? Is it reachable? Do they have an active communication network? Are you suspicious of their operations? Are they operating legally? These are among the questions that will help you determine the legitimacy of any man and van services offered.

Training and experience 

Don’t just hire man and van services; consider professional services. You can research the company’s workforce. Do trained personnel offer these services? Do they have the experience needed to guarantee the safety of items? How long has the company been offering man and van services? From its past clients, is the company trustworthy?


Loss or damage to items would be the worst scenario in any moving exercise. It is for this reason that you need to hire trained and experienced professionals. However, there are damages or losses which may occur that are beyond anyone’s control. In case of such an unfortunate scenario, who bears the responsibility? Most companies will state in their terms that your items are insured during transit. A reliable and reputable man with a van company should provide an insurance policy stating compensation terms in case of loss or damage of items.


The reputation of a company depends on its past operations. You need to hire the best man and van services in Cheltenham. From testimonials and reviews, you can determine the reputation of the company. You can also seek advice from friends and colleagues to find the best man and van services in Cheltenham. While there are several up and coming man and van companies in Cheltenham, it is advisable to consider long-established and reputable companies.


Choose services you can comfortably pay. Some companies charge unreasonably high rates. One way to find an affordable man and van service is to compare quotes from different companies. You can also negotiate for a better deal by packing on your own. There are several ways you can save on man and van services. However, your main aim should be to get a reliable, safe and timely service.

Finally, choose a service near you. There are several man and van service providers around Cheltenham. A nearby man and van company will guarantee a fast response and timely service. You can also visit the company to check on the status of their vans.

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