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Top Films To Enjoy Over The Halloween Season

There are basically two schools of thought when it comes to selecting movies to watch on Halloween; you can go with “classic” choices or perhaps newer films. Perhaps the best approach is to combine both approaches – so let’s say 3 classic choices and 2 modern horror flicks, which should do the trick and cover everything from lighthearted fun to thrills and chills. This will likely give everyone more of an opportunity to enjoy at least one selection as well. Enough stalling, here are 5 great films for Halloween that you can enjoy with friends or alone:


No Halloween-themed movie night is complete without a copy of this classic John Carpenter masterpiece. From the stellar performance turned in by Jamie Lee Curtis to Michael Myers own creepy white mask and trademark butcher’s knife, this one is hand down a must have.


Turning away form blood, gore and scares, Ghostbusters is a classic film with a lighthearted appeal and comedic flair that is beloved by both adults and children. While most of us have already seen this entertaining film, perhaps many times over, you’ll always find a majority of people wanting to watch it again during a movie get-together. It’s also worth mentioning that Ghostbusters makes for an excellent change of pace if there are more intense and horrific movies on your list.


1982’s Poltergeist is an extremely memorable, if not slightly disturbing film and is certainly one of the better ghost / horror films released in the 1980’s. Director Tobe Hooper really captured some magical moments on film here and the performances are absolutely amazing as well.

Paranormal Activity

While some people might argue that this film isn’t entertaining or scary, they’re likely just kidding themselves. The key to enjoying this one is the setting, wait until everyone is winding down or able to view this movie in a quiet and calm setting. Then turn the lights off and get ready for goose bumps galore. Sure, it starts off kind of slow and isn’t very action-oriented, but if you and your guests are in the right frame of mind, it will deliver the goods.

Trick ‘R Treat

Lastly we have Trick R Treat, which is by all accounts a great horror movie, but what makes it an excellent choice is its Halloween-themed style. This is a compilation film consisting of various segments and covers vampires, deranged murderers, ghosts, and werewolves. Basically, something for everyone; Trick R Treat is basically a night of scary campfire stories brought to life on screen.

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