Worry-Free Ways To Help You Save Money

For all the decisions you make in life, timing is critical. However, anytime is the ideal time to start saving money. Whether it means not allowing overdue fees from taking away your hard earned money, or setting some cash aside for your next vacation trip, saving money takes practice and time. Luckily, there are some simple hacks that can assist you in managing your finances and take the worrying out of saving.

So, if you are ready to make saving a part of your daily life, consider the following ways to see your accounts add up and alter your perception of saving money.

Time Your Due Dates

Are the due dates of your bills so far away from your payday that it causes you to worry and feel stressed? Well, you are definitely not alone. If most of your monthly bills are coming in around the same time each month and you find it hard to settle all at the same time, ask the billing companies to change your due dates. There are lending companies that allow you to change your billing dates without incurring a late fee. It is better to align your bills with your payday to help you manage your finances better and allow you to plan your next financial step.

Automate Billing

In today’s age of technology, banks and lending companies now allow you to automate payment of your bills. Registering your account to automate monthly payments is easy. Once you are done aligning your due dates with your payday, you can now activate automated payments so you never have to worry about lining up inside offices or doing manual money transfers ever again. Usually, lending institutions have an option in their application process for setting up automatic payments so you won’t have to worry about this step later on.

Make Your Money Work

Another worry-free way to help you manage your finances is setting money goals. Rather than wasting all your funds in paying bills, categorize where your money will be going, such as entertainment purposes, clothes, food and rent and utilities. Create a budget.

Consider the essentials like food, water, and shelter first. Then list your monthly bills. What you have left, after setting aside a certain amount for savings, is your disposable income. This is the money you can have fun with or use for Christmas shopping.

Direct Deposit Into Your Savings

If your employer supports multiple deposits, then prepare yourself to become a savings wizard! Ask your employer to automatically send a part of your salary directly into your savings account every time you get paid. When people do not see funds in their checking account, they are less likely to spend what they can see; out of sight, out of mind. If your employer does not support this, enroll for a recurring monthly transfer. Having funds in your savings account will prepare you for unexpected situations.

Set Recurring Reminders

Life can get chaotic, which means we tend to easily forget our obligations such as paying the bills. Scrambling to pay bills at the last minute because you forgot the due dates can lead to expensive fees and penalties. So, to relieve some of your brain’s work, set monthly reminders on your phone. Create the reminders as soon as your bills come in. By having your phone remind you to pay bills on the selected date(s), you will save yourself from having to pay those late fees and keep that money for yourself.

Remember that starting a habit is the most difficult part. However, once you have setup the alarms and registered for automatic payments, you will see your savings gradually grow. Each little step you make is a huge step in the right direction.

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